James Mir

Graphic Designer

James is currently enrolled at Loughborough University’s prestigious School of the Creative Arts. With a cross-disciplinary approach to the arts, he has undertaken self-initiated and commercial graphic design and filmmaking projects, both locally and abroad. As part of his degree’s industrial working placement, James is currently working as part of Kenshō’s design team.

University has taught James to value and strive toward experimentation and innovation, qualities that drew him toward Kenshō. James’ internship will encourage him to build on these ideas, subsequently allowing him to provide a valuable contribution to the studio’s work across various clients and mediums.

At Kenshō, his focus remains on developing his graphic design and professional skills whilst building on his pre-existing illustrative and animation based work. James contributes a unique creative perspective to the team, one that carries weight and is instrumental in Kenshō’s ongoing delivery of industry-standard, innovative and experimental work.