The Science of E-mail marketing

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Capable of generating up to 30 times the initial investment, E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective approaches to digital marketing. Being a direct marketing channel it enables brands and marketers to nurture customer relationships at scale.

Building relationships online is no different than in-person, people connect when they feel understood. Nowadays we are bombarded with advertising impacts everywhere we look, therefore audiences have developed an aversion to messages that don't seem genuine.

E-mail marketing provides a unique opportunity to gain your customers' trust and motivate them to believe in your brand and foster a meaningful connection. By sending regular emails with news, product updates and most importantly personalised offers based on the customer's profile, clients will be more inclined and enthusiastic to engage with it.

At Kenshō, we understand the value of Email marking especially when it comes to generating brand awareness, inspiring customer loyalty and driving conversions. Although every campaign is unique and personalised to our clients' needs, the following is the generic structure we follow:

  • Initial email capture:

The first connection, it is of key importance that the potential customers feel that you're offering real value, that you care about them and aren't simply trying to get them to purchase your products. This is achieved through empathy and a deep understanding of who the target audience is, that is ultimately what will motivate them to give you their email.

  • Greeting message - connection established:

Once the customer's email is captured, the first contact is crucial to consolidate the connection, this is achieved by conveying a message that reassures the customer that he is valued and that he will benefit from the connection.

  • Subscription 10% off on your next purchase:

This demonstrates that you appreciate the customer's willingness to connect with your brand and that he is and will continue to be valued as a client.

  • Informative material explaining the benefits of your product:

In order to portray that you are interested in offering real value to customers through the email subscription, it is important to communicate information that they will find interesting and useful.

  • Informative material on how your products are different/better than your competitors:

Now that you have a relationship and a direct and open communication channel with the customers, it is time to convey your brand's values. This is the stage in which clients are reminded of why they chose your brand above others, reaffirming customer loyalty.

  • Use of a referral system:

Having fostered meaningful relationships with customers, the easier it is for them to refer and recommend your brand to their contacts the more likely they are to do so.

  • Product tagging - segment your website's traffic based on the products they have viewed on the website to make emails relevant to their particular interests:

On the one hand, from the user's point of view, relevance in the conveyed message is key to portray that you care about the customer's particular needs. On the other hand, this enables marketers to have a deeper understanding of who the audience is, their needs and frustrations, so we can empathise and implement user-centred strategies.

  • Abandoned cart and website monitoring and client journey management:

Keeping track of customers behaviour online is fundamental to make adaptations that will improve the customer experience and lead to more conversions as well as more satisfied customers.

Seeking to optimise the outcome of the presented structure, it is important to segment customers into profiles, this enables marketers to provide a more personalised experience making the campaigns more relevant to the users they are directed at.

Nonetheless, when it comes to marketing strategies there is no such thing as one size fits all, every business, product and audience is unique and the more tailored a strategy is, the better results it will drive. Making decisions based on data and customer feedback combined with a deep understanding of what is important to your target audience is crucial to building a solid foundation upon which to develop a fruitful marketing strategy.

Are you in need of a tailored strategy to strengthen your brand’s relationship with your audience? At Kenshō we are passionate about driving results by means of fostering meaningful relationships between businesses and customers. Get in touch, say