The Power of Copywriting

Marketing Tips

Copywrite is more than written descriptions of your business and/or products, it is a powerful tool to portray your brand's values, connect with your audience and ultimately drive conversions. However, its potential is often overlooked.

Good copywriting ought to create a lasting impact on the audience, appealing and connecting to their emotions while effectively communicating the core values of your business. Nonetheless, communicating the right message is just as important as communicating it clearly and concisely. Writing engaging copy is now more challenging than ever, people are very selective about what to focus on. In fact, 55% of all page views only get a few seconds attention. Users tend to skim to see if they find something interesting, which means that the sooner you can provide valuable content to the viewer the more likely they are to spend time on your page. The more time a user spends reading content on your page, the more likely they will be to return.

How can we make our copywriting concise?

  • It is important to understand that most of the time invested in writing goes into editing. Did you know that Hemingway wrote 47 endings to his book Farewell to Arms? So don’t get too attached to your first drafts, the key for good writing is rewriting.
  • To avoid “Blank Page Syndrome” try not to overthink, allow yourself to write whatever comes out however it comes out, just get your ideas on paper as if you were only writing it for yourself. Giving into perfectionism too soon is likely to lead to frustration and that is not the best mindset for creating engaging content. It is okay for a draft to be wordy that’s why it's only a draft.
  • Once you have a clear idea of the message you want to convey its time to trim the fat, go through the text and remove as many words as you can without losing the meaning, do this a many times as you need.

The result? A polished and concise written message that will be clearly received and effortlessly read by your audience.

Now that we’ve talked about how to write clearly and concisely let us dive into how to convey the right message. To be effective, content must appeal to the user while solving a problem. It's the copywriter that prompts users to take a specific action, whether that is purchasing a product or subscribing to the newsletter. Therefore, to accomplish this and find the right words and tone, the copywriter must have a deep understanding of the audience on the other side of the message. There are several copywriting formulas, in this piece we will share with you one credited to the renowned marketer and author Victor O. Schwab which also happens to be one of Neil Patel’s favourite, PAPA or (AAPPA)

Problem, Advantages of solving that problem, Proof that you can solve it and Action. One of the most interesting aspects of this formula is the focus on proof, which when used appropriately is very powerful for persuasion and credibility.

We will dive deeper into copywriting formulas in future posts, now let’s address length.
Often people believe that long-form will not drive as much engagement, the answer to that statement is; it depends. Although nowadays people indeed read less, if you create a really good blog post that answers peoples objections and offers value they won’t only read it they’ll establish a connection with your brand. Nevertheless, it takes a profound understanding of your audience and good copywriting skills to make long-form work optimally, it is also key to choose the right context. There is a time and a place for long-form, users ought to be in a particular mindset to engage.

Tools like Hotjar and Crazy Egg can help you understand how users behave on your site and identify problem areas where they stop scrolling.

Even though copywriting is often not given the attention it deserves, at Kenshō we are well aware of the power of good copy-write, it is as important as the more visual elements and it plays a pivotal role in the relationship with our audience. We thoughtfully pick every word to ensure the right message is conveyed.

Were you aware of the difference good copy-write can make? Would you like to take your written content to the next level? Say we’ll be more than happy to show you how we can add value to your business and help you strengthen your connection with your audience.