The Kenshō Process

Marketing Tips

In the midst of a digital era in which users are constantly bombarded with endless brands to choose from, differentiation is pivotal for success. In order to stand out, one must do what others won’t and in the business world this translates into Process.

What do we mean by process? By definition process is the methodology that takes you from A to B, but that is quite a simplistic approach to such an essential facet of business, particularly with regard to marketing and branding.

A well designed and executed process gives place to the kind of creative ideas that add value to a business leading the way to success in the form of brand recognition and meaningful connections with the audience.

At Kenshō we’ve spend a considerable amount of time perfecting our Process and we continue polishing it every time we apply it. The Kenshō Process can be broken down into 5 phases:

1. Contextualisation: when tackling a project, before anything else, we carry out thorough market research and analyse the business in depth. This enables us to empathise with the audience and understand their needs while identifying where the best opportunities lie.

2. Concept and Branding Strategy: with the knowledge attained form the previous phase, we add our team’s multifaceted experience to the mixture and define the concept on which we will base the branding strategy. The concept is the idea we want the public to associate to the brand and the branding strategy is how this idea and ultimately the essence (kenshō) of the business will be communicated to the public.

3. Design and Asset Development: once we have a deep understanding of the business, the audience and what message we want to convey, we develop the assets that will bring the concept and branding to life.

4. Test, Validation and Launch: now that we’ve materialised the idea it’s time to put it to the the test, scrutinise it and find flaws or uneven edges that can be polished. In order to deliver the quality of work that distinguishes our own brand, we ought to be the toughest critics with what we present.

5. Monitoring and Measuring: flexibility and realtime adaptability are crucial in order to succeed in today’s hectic business environment. In the last stages of our Process we take into consideration different scenarios and react promptly to feedback making sure that the end result is as sharp as can be and that impact will be positive and long-lasting.

Every business, especially in the marketing sector, has their own Process, ours merges experience in a wide range of sectors with what is known as Design Thinking. The Design Thinking methodology provides a human-centred approach to solving problems and has been proven as an extremely useful method of tackling complex problems by the greatest experts in the field. The result of this combination is an efficient Process with plenty of room for creativity that leads to strategies that are tailored to the needs of the companies we work with and those of their clients, but we just call it the Kenshō Process.

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