How are marketeers reacting to COVID-19?

Marketing Tips

It is no secret that an impactful recession is expected as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 Pandemic, with a huge portion of the world under lockdown losses are bound to take place across many industries and we can already feel this on the economy. Experts predict that the economy will get hit by 2.7 trillion dollars and consequently people are cutting back.

But how are marketeers reacting to the circumstances?

The Chicagoland B2B marketing agency Element-R Partners, LLC conducted a poll with 127 digital, public relations and marketing communications professionals of which 47% said they have changed course, 17% have temporarily ceased activities, 15% are doing less, 9% are using the opportunity to plan, 7% have increased their marketing efforts and 6% said it is business as usual.

While some people are unethically trying to use online marketing tools to make a quick buck, buying and selling items such as masks. Others are taking this opportunity to learn how the current situation is affecting their audience and developing new strategies in order to offer value to them.

At Kenshō we’d like to take this opportunity to support you and your clients, making use of marketing tools and relying on our extensive experience to make the most of this difficult situation while offering real value to your business’ clients.

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