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Applications go hand in hand with smartphones, nowadays you can find apps for just about anything; from games, to productivity assistants, meditation, fitness, apps to help users adquiere healthy habits and the list goes on and continues to grow everyday. It’s not surprising that the Mobile App Market is the fastest growing segment in the mobile industry.

Smartphones and Apps have become the remote control of our lives, the growing development of mobile devices along with apps, is perhaps one of the biggest technical phenomena that has taken place in the past decade. On the one hand we can observe that more and more businesses are incorporating apps as a fundamental component of their digital channels with the audience and on the other hand, software as a service and apps as a business model, have subdued more traditional models, a clear example of this is UBER.

Applications, especially in urban environments, are now embedded in the fabric of our everyday lives and everything points to the fact that they are here to stay. Thus the growing number of mobile apps that enter the market every day can make it quite challenging to stand out without a defined marketing strategy.

How can app advertisers reach more users?
Google Ads always has an answer for advertisers and in this case its Google App Campaign Ads. Consistently with the other types of Google Ads that we’ve addressed in previous publications, App Campaigns allow marketeers to fully control budget, reach audiences to whom the ad is relevant and adjust the campaign to meet different goals.

How do Google App Campaign Ads work?
There is one main difference between this type of ad and the others, App Campaigns don’t require designing individual ads, instead, the ad text and assets, including assets from your app's store listing, will be used by Google to design a variety of ads across several formats and networks. Once you provide text, the languages and locations for your ads and a starting bid and budget the system will test different combinations and show the best performing ads more often. Also, Google for optimal results Google recommends providing at least one landscape image, one portrait video, and one landscape video.

Campaign Optimisation
There are three different focuses to optimise App Campaigns:
• Getting more installs: the bid you set should be the average amount you'd like to spend each time someone installs your app
• Driving in-app actions: when the goal is to find more valuable users you ought to track the desired in-app action as a conversion event and target CPA (cost-per-action) to be the average amount you'd like to spend each time someone performs the selected in- app action
• Driving in-app value: this is for campaigns that focus on users that are likely to generate the best value over time, the bid you set should be the average conversion value you'd like to get for each dollar you spend on ads. This is called ROAS (target return-on-ad- spend)

As we mentioned above, the the Mobile App Market is the fastest growing segment in the mobile industry, however it also faces one of the highest churn rates of any industry. According to 2019 yearly statistics, 25% of apps are only used once after being downloaded and although this can often be simply because the app doesn’t meet the users expectations marketing and product consideration play a huge role in whether an app becomes a part of the users life or gets forgotten.

In todays hectic technological world in which we are bombarded with advertisement on a daily basis, conveying the right message through the right means is crucial in order not to become obsolete in the ever-growing ocean of services and products. At Kensho we turn the companies of today into the companies of tomorrow, our highly experienced creative team will design personalised marketing solutions that will add value to your business communicating the essence of what you do to your audience and creating long lasting connections with them.

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