Empathy, customer loyalty and getting to know your “ideal client”

Marketing Tips

Not all clients are created equal, appealing to the right clients isn’t as simple as it may seem yet it makes a huge difference in the quality of the business-client relationships.Just like with any human relationship, if you try and make it work with the wrong person you will end up with a dysfunctional relationship. So, how do we identify who the right clients are?

Someone with the purchasing power for what you are offering may be the first thing that comes to mind when you answer that questions, but there is a lot more that we, as marketers, ought to take into consideration. The more in detail you can describe who your ideal client is, the more chances you have of attracting them.

Like we’ve mentioned in other publications; in order to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your clients, it is essential to empathise with them and have an understanding of what are their needs, pain-points, challenges and frustrations. If you aren’t quite sure what those are, don’t worry just yet, because it’s very likely that you already have a few “ideal clients” who love what you offer and are loyal to your business because of the value it adds to their lives, the question now is; how do we attract more “ideal clients”?

The foundation for any great relationship starts with getting to know someone, no we haven’t changed the topic of this blogpost to how to find your true love, but human relationships continue to be human relationships in the business world as well. Talk to the loyal clients you already have, understand how your offer adds value to their life and extrapolate what you find to your marketing strategy.

Once you understand who your “ideal client” is, digitalisation and the online world grant us with numerous ways of reaching out. Nowadays it safe to say that almost everyone is online and social media, as well as Google itself, are the perfect place for your business to meet the right people. Ultimately, online advertising provides a time-efficient opportunity to connect with users that match the profile of your “ideal client”.

Humans long for understanding, we want to be heard and feel understood and cared about. If you think about the last altercation you had with someone close, likely, one of the parties felt somewhat ignored or not cared for. This also applies to marketing, after all, human relationships is what it is all about. But how exactly do we implement this principle in our marketing campaigns?

Often, marketers focus so much on the product or service, that they disregard what truly adds value to the client, the before-after transformation they experience thanks to what the business has offered them. We mustn’t forget that clients don’t really care about the product itself, they care about what it can do for them, what it makes them feel.

Portraying this in your campaigns is what will attract clients that are willing to believe in your brand as long as you deliver what you promised, these clients are the truly valuable ones, the ones marketers seek to convert because they will be loyal to your business and believe in what you offer as much as you do. 

The key takeaway is that empathy and understanding are essential to nurturing long-lasting relationships with your clients. Additionally, reaching the right audience and having the ability to clearly communicate the value you can provide is decisive not only to attract quality leads but to convert those leads in loyal customers.

At Kenshō, empathising with our clients and ultimately our client’s clients is the first stage of any project and the first step of our Process. We’ve built strong connections with the brands we work with because of the importance we give to nurturing these relationships. Would you like to strengthen customer loyalty? Unsure about what is the best way to connect with the right audience? Reach out at hi@kensho.marketing