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Copy-write has a key role in fostering good relationships between brand and clients, it also has a significant impact in driving conversions. In previous publications, we’ve addressed how to make our copywriting clear and concise, in other words, “short and sweet”. But great copy-write goes beyond that, it connects with the user and offers something valuable; an answer to a question, a funny pun, or simply something they feel identified with. This is where the true power of copywriting shines through.

Although copywriting doesn’t come naturally to everyone, we live in a world in which almost any information is one click away, for instance copywriting formulas. In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at some of them:


  • Attention: Impact the reader and get their attention.
  • Interest: Spark their mind with counter-intuitive or fresh info.
  • Desire: Engage their emotions so they want what you are offering.
  • Action: Ask them to take the next step.

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  • Picture: Create a vivid scene prospective clients can easily put themselves in. This can be an aspirational future or an existing frustration.
  • Promise: State how what you are offering can solve that frustration or bring that inspirational future to life.
  • Prove: Demonstrate how you’ve kept your promise with other clients before, reassure the person on the other side, explain what happens if you don’t keep that promise.
  • Propose/Push: Prompt them to take action.

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  • Stop: Grab the readers attention, make them stop scrolling.
  • Look: Make them look and read what you have to offer.
  • Act: Urge them to act, create a sense of urgency.
  • Purchase: Make it easy for them to purchase quickly.

This is formula is particularly useful for limited time offers or inexpensive products. It works best when combined with imagery.

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The formulas mentioned above are some of the most extensively used, but there are many more, each conceived for a specific purpose and context. Copy-write is a very powerful tool but it can also be the reason why some content gets dismissed and lost in the ever-growing flow of content that goes online every day. 

The greatest value of thoughtfully created copy-write, is its potential to truly connect with the audience and provide a good user experience. Human’s crave to be understood and brands that make users feel that way, inspire them to become advocates. 

We encourage you to try some of these formulas, surely the results will be satisfying. If you wish to strengthen your connection with your audience, say and let us show you how we can add value to your business.