Are you checking your walnut? Movember Prostate Cancer Content Creation & Digital Marketing Campaign

Client Work

We really enjoyed this one, and for such a worthy cause. We were tasked with promoting the Movember campaign by the Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar. In order to do this we undertook our own professional photoshoot using our in-house photographer, we took multiple shots from different angles and emotions to truly capture the journey one must go through when diagnosed with prostate cancer. These images were then edited by our in-house graphics team to include moustache for authenticity (as our local influencer Tito hadn't grown his moustache yet! 😉 ).

These images were then used on social media through Facebook & instagram ads, as well as Google display ads to increase participation awareness for Movember, as well as direct traffic to the Prostate Cancer Support Group Just Giving Page to encourage donations.

The campaign was a success raising over £10,000 which will be invested into awareness campaigns throughout the year to promote how crucial it is to have your PSA levels checked. Early detection is the best cure to prostate cancer. We look forward to working with the PCSGG again next time.