Adaptive Marketing & Digitalisation in times of COVID-19

Marketing Tips

The Corona Virus pandemic that society is facing on a global scale, is undoubtedly bound to become a turning point. The current circumstances are unforeseen, never has the world come to a halt like this and uncertainty is standing before us. This unprecedented circumstance has already provoked consequential changes worldwide, which can lay room for opportunity and for some, this time of reflection may just be exactly what they need to prepare and adapt to what is yet to come.

Over the last decades we’ve observed how digitalisation has conquered the world sector by sector and social distancing has made digitalisation even more relevant. With a considerable number of countries under lockdown, seclusion is unavoidable and digital technology bridges the space between people. Although it is undeniable that the situation we face is one of hardship, there are things we can do, especially from a business standpoint, to pull ourselves out of this and re-emerge. Perhaps you were looking for a moment to rebrand your company and revamp your image, or you’ve been wanting to launch a new product and reach new audiences, or you simply want to take your relationship with your clients to the next level through digital. Whatever the case is, this can be an opportune moment to design a digital strategy that will add value to your business while adapting to the situation. 

At Kenshō we transform the companies of today into the companies of tomorrow, through our services we can communicate your business’ values and strengthen the connection with your audience. We work in stages, merging our multifaceted backgrounds to design tailored solutions to set your business apart and reach your goals.

What is the Kenshō work process?

Before we begin our journey together we need to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. We get to know you, your business and your customers so that we can challenge assumptions and uncover insights to get to the core of your business’ unique needs.

Once we understand your needs and those of your customers, we apply market knowledge to define a tailored strategy, our purpose is to help you leverage your business potential by means of personalised solutions designed to bring out the essence of your company and communicate it.

Our in-house team brings the branding to life through design and content creation, portraying your business’ true identity in today’s most powerful language content.

Reaching the audience
Identifying the right digital channels is an art form. Our specialised team will select the most viable options based on your business objectives. The options include:
• Social Media: Once our design team brings your brand to life, we will then communicate this through digital marketing by planning and executing your social media campaigns.
• Email & Push Marketing: Beautifully designed and executed email campaigns targeting your core audience with the subsequent aim of increasing traffic and conversions.
• Google Ads: As we’ve addressed in other publications ( Google Ads is one of the most potent tools marketeers can employ and our team has extensive experience with this tool across multiple sectors.

Attention to detail and adaptation draw the line between what stands out and what becomes obsolete. We make use of thorough market research and rely on experience to define a tailored plan and adjust it in real time for optimal results.

At Kenshō we insist on having the right tools to get new digital innovations out there fast. Nevertheless, what differentiates us, aren’t just the tools we use, but our multi-faceted team and ultimately our dedication. Each of our team members is truly passionate about their work and nothing makes us more fulfilled than driving results and supporting our clients growth. Their goals are our goals, understanding their needs and those of their audience is key to delivering the quality work that defines our brand.

Want to know how we can leverage your business potential, especially during these uncertain times? Reach out on our website or say, we’ll be happy to answer any of your inquiries.