introducing kenshō gin

a spirit as unique as we are

There's a particular beauty in drawing parallels, a couple of which we share with Gin distillers, Spirit Of The Rock. The love of our craft, attention to detail, passion, devotion & hard work are all traits & values that underpin our respective work.
Our collaboration with Spirit Of The Rock was born out of these shared values, it serves to highlight & honour high-quality work, local products & craftsmanship.
We are proud to introduce a limited run of 87 bottles of Spirit of The Rock’s Candytuft Gin with bespoke label designs. Spirit Of The Rock is the only entity that actually produces its goods in Gibraltar; with our chosen Gin containing the Candytuft flower (Iberis Gibraltarica), native to the Rock of Gibraltar.
The label design process provided us with a blank canvas on which to freely exercise our distinct creative process. The final design takes an abstract approach in depicting our history, influences & values. Emphasis has been placed on subtlety, elegance & quality, with the labels themselves produced by Lunch Press.
Spirit Of The Rock distill all of their Gin in-house here in Gibraltar. During the distillation process, a variety of botanicals including Candytuft seeds are added in order to achieve a distinct flavour profile, resulting in this very unique Gin.
We want to thank our friends at Spirit Of The Rock for partnering with us, allowing us to deliver this very special product. We would also like to encourage you to support small local businesses & pay Spirit Of The Rock a visit at 8 George’s Lane.

A walk through time

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Our synthesis

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