Client: Chamber of Commerce, GFSB, The Government of Gibraltar

Focus: Conceptualisation, Graphic Design, Branding, Animation, Photography, Videography, Web Design


It is no secret that the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a substantial impact on society and the economy. The reason why the HM Government of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce and the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses wanted to run a campaign to promote local business as this is one of the best ways to protect and strengthen local economies.

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Concept and Strategy

Graphic Design and Asset Development

With concept and strategy clear it was time to create the content to materialise it all. Graphics, video and copy-write assets adapted to each of the mentioned channels were created by our team to get the desired message across. We got inspiration from popular content including memes. Why? For this campaign we believed it was hugely important to get the message across with warmth and familiarity and even humour, we didn’t want the audience to feel lectured but inspired to support the community and the place they call home.

Monitoring and Reporting.

Flexibility and realtime adaptability are crucial in order to achieve long-lasting success.- Using tools that enable us to track the performance of the content we are always ready to learn from the feedback we get and implement changes accordingly. Although the key objective is to inspire people to support the local economy we define different KPIs for different types of content and measuring how effective these are is very important to ensure that we understand what the audience wants and therefore nurture the relationship with them while creating value. We also provide in-depth reporting to monitor performance and measure clicks, views, web visits, etc.

Website Design and Build

In the case of the #KeepItLocal Campaign, we decided to create a website as a portal for further information and a hub for local business and other parties to access and download assets to support the campaign. To reach the audience and redirect them to the website we made use of social media channels including; Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as online and offline advertising such as billboards, ads on buses and posters in the local businesses. The core of the strategy was to inform them in a way the would feel comfortable and identified with the messages being portrayed.